"....all songs have an intense power born from a certain calm..."
Joachim "Joe" Brooks, Germany's Rocktimes


Authentic and timeless craftsmanship !
This lady reinvented her life as folk singer after an absence of three decades with fine , inspired and timeless song work . I love it !
Cis Van Looy, Keys & Chords, The Netherlands

"Running Out of Time" … is filled with thirteen self-penned songs and listening to it is as if time has stood still.… thirteen very well written and played songs with personal and thoughtful lyrics.  
Eric Campfens, Netherlands, BarnOwlBlues 


"Running Out of Time" ... Insightful lyrics are the hallmark on this set of personal feeling lyrics that come right from the heart… Casale cuts a mighty path with little more than voice and guitar. … a fine trip back to the campus coffeehouse that closed in the early 70s. 
Chris Spector,  Midwest Record








New Album Coming in 2015

UPDATE 8.23.15
Got a great line-up of musicians playing on this album. We start recording the beginning of September. 

Mary Ann is in the process of writing music for her next album, Restless Heart. Upbeat and driven, the music will have a rich blend of harmonies, full instrumentation and a change of style. Keep checking back for updates!

Running Out of Time

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